Additional languages

Are you considering entering new markets abroad or are you currently working in a foreign environment? Then mastering the appropriate language is an essential contribution to your success.

In addition to our German, English, Dutch, French and Spanish courses, we also offer many other language courses such as:

  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese
  • and many more…

Our individual and group courses have been developed to familiarize you with business language and everyday language. In addition to this the courses also focus on expanding and improving your existing knowledge of the target language. All our courses are tailor-made to fit your area of business and scope, while keeping your personal learning goal as an equally important focus point.

Besides having good language skills, it is especially important to know and understand cultural differences between countries. The work and business culture in other countries may differ considerably from what you are used to at home. During the language courses we will help you understand and detect these cultural differences, prior to dealing with them in practice.

Before starting the course our trainers will conduct a pre-course interview with the participant to determine the current language level according to the framework for European language levels (CEFR). Based on this assessment and your personal objectives we can provide a thorough advice regarding content, duration and intensity of the course. Furthermore, the interviews allow us to put together a customized training programme for you. Our courses are always tailor-made and adapted to meet customer goals, wishes and expectations.

You can attend these language courses at our training center in Düsseldorf. Alternatively we offer these language courses at our training centers in The Netherlands or on site at your location in the Rhineland and Rhine-Ruhr area.

Interested in a language course?