Business language courses

The Key to Your Business Success

For success in business, it is essential to be able to use your language skills effectively. Therefore, all of our business language courses are aimed at the communication skills that are essential in your specific industry.

Each client is unique

We adapt our approach for each individual client or team. You will learn the language in a way that fits your learning style, situation, job function, expertise area, goals and needs. You learn exactly what you need in a practical way.

We offer more than just language

Business communication is more than language, it cannot be separated from intercultural aspects. That is why with us, you learn to use language in the context of doing business with speakers of different languages. Through this process, you will learn to adopt their business practices and increase your chances of business success.

Our trainers are very familiar with international business life in many different areas: Sales, Marketing, Management, Finance and Administration. This combination guarantees efficient and practical language training where your goals are always central.

Your Customised Language Course

Our course materials include specifically developed modules that cover typical business situations like negotiations, meetings or the presentation of your products at an exhibition.

We also incorporate materials from your day-to-day work into each course, for example: web pages, documents or company presentations.

Subjects that can be covered:

  • Meeting new people;
  • Business conversations;
  • Meetings, trade fairs and conferences;
  • Negotiations;
  • Product and company presentations;
  • Sales talks;
  • Correspondence: e-mails, letters, quotations, invoices, brochures, reports;
  • Intercultural aspects, e.g. the specific country‘s business culture
  • Interviews with supervisors and team-internal discussions;
  • Recruitment interviews

Our customers are:

  • Specialists and executives from various areas of expertise;
  • Sale reps and sale staff;
  • Technicians;
  • Reception and administration staff;
  • Healthcare staff;
  • Expats and their families;
  • … .

You can attend a business language course in any one of our conveniently located training facilities in Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht or at your own offices anywhere in Germany or in The Netherlands.


Interested in a language course?