Ten Top Tips for learning a Language

Language learning varies from person to person and language to language. But if you read the literature, there are some very simple things you can do to make learning a new language easier.

Here are our Top Ten amalgamated Language learning tips:

1. Understand why you’re there
Keeping motivated and focussed is the most important thing. Learning a language is a long process, keep reminding yourself of your goals and your overall motivation.

2. Talk! (a lot)
Conversation is the best practice you can get. You’re going to make mistakes: accept that. But people are more helpful than you think and will assist.

3. Set specific learning goals
Learning a language is a long and multi-layered activity. Set specific goals like: improving pronunciation, perfecting tenses, building sentences. Take it one block at a time.

4. Keep it relevant
If you’re learning Spanish for work, there’s no point in knowing how to list the furniture of your bedroom. Make sure what you are learning is relevant to your goal and your motivation.

5. Find a language buddy
That conversation we mentioned? Find someone to do it with on a regular basis. Date a native speaker, make a friend, join a club.

6. Read (for fun and learning)
Reading increases your vocabulary and contextual understanding. And it’s fun to find out what’s going on around you. Do as much of it as you can.

7. Put new lessons into immediate use
Learned something new? Use it right away at work, in a shop or restaurant. Repetition always helps. It will boost your confidence to use a new lesson correctly immediately.

8. There are phases and levels, get used to that
Fluency is hard to define. You will hit patches where nothing make sense. You’ll get through it. Keep going.

9. Practice thinking in your new language
One of the most crucial stages is beginning to think in your new language. Practice doing it so that you are not always translating in your head before speaking. Start slowly!

10. Use everything: translate, dictionaries, online learning, apps, tutors, classes
We all learn differently. Find your own way by using whatever you can find to assist you. Speak, read, ask, watch, listen, do. The more angles you take, the faster you will learn.

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By: David Chislett
Trainer Business English