English isn’t from England

(what is the original language of the British isles?) No-one is really sure what the original language of the British Islands was, nor what it might have sounded like. Before…Read more

Accuracy vs fluency

In order to be able to speak a new language, you need both accuracy and fluency. At Wirtschaftssprachen Deutschland we recognise that both are important in your learning process. But…Read more

Understand The Challenge

It often seems like a good idea to go for language lessons: professional advancement, personal development, the fulfilment of dreams. However, as adults, we face some different challenges from the…Read more

Cultural Misunderstandings

Separating culture from language is a bit like trying separate ice from water they blend into each other in so many unpredictable ways that it is next to impossible. For…Read more

Learn Language In Chunks

Language learners, especially adults, can often become frustrated when no sensible explanation can be given by a language teacher for WHY some things are constructed or expressed the way they…Read more